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The concept of spiral staircases comes to us through time from the Middle Ages. However, in recent years, we at Kensington Spirals have taken the concept and turned it into an art form. Spirals today are available in four basic designs with many themes and finishes. A synopsis of our current range is set out in this presentation.

Spiral Staircases are categorised according to function as follows:

Primary Staircase: Applicable as the main staircase in a home. Usually 1830mm (6'-0") in diameter or greater

Secondary Staircase: One which is not the main staircase in the dwelling. Suitable for use in extensions. Loft conversions etc. From 1375mm (4'-6") in diameter

Non-Standard Staircase: Always bespoke-made to meet the client's specific requirements. Usually where available space is less than that required by UK Building Regulations. 106mm (3'-6"), 1145mm (3'-9") or 1220mm (4'-0")

Commercial Staircase: Dependant upon the precise application and use. Such staircases are from 2100mm diameter upwards

Note: The space required to fit a spiral staircase is a minimum of 100mm (4") greater than the diameter. All staircases are manufactured to suit either clockwise or anti-clockwise rising.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical department should you require advice.

To choose your staircase:

1. Determine the function
2. Decide on the style
3. Measure your finished floor to finished floor height
4. Is a landing required?
5. Is additional balustrading required to protect the opening?

Please refer to our contact form to let us have your details. Don't worry! Our technical department will provide a planned layout for approval to accompany your quotation.